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  1. Quick View Sweetie Peach Bunny

    Sweetie Peach Bunny

    Waggling her upsy ears, Sweetie Bunny is excited to meet you! Dreamy-soft in candy-floss pink, she perches neatly, waiting to play. With a big fluffy bobtail and long beany arms, she's cute, petite and a huggable honey. The perfect present for sweetie dreams! Learn More

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    White Luggy Basket

    A favourite in any room in the home, our Natural Storage Baskets are a household essential.We can't get enough of this basket - from storing toys, blankets and throws, blocks + lego - or even your favourite houseplant. Looks fabulous in the living room, playroom, and kids bedroom or baby's nursery. Learn More

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    White Piki Basket

    Be it for a picnic, a pack of your little one's favourite crayons, a keeper of shells collected on the beach, the Piki Baskets will be a firm favourite of any child - big or small. We love them as picnic baskets - and come Easter there is no better place for Easter eggs! Learn More

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    Sleepy-Wakey Bambi Polk-a-Dot

    This classic, timeless doll is a perfect night time companion and is sure to be treasured for a forever. Learn More

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    Fantastical Fairies Matching Game

    This adorable matching game, populated by a fantastically diverse array of fairies, will enchant young fairy fans while helping to develop memory, concentration, and identification skills. Learn More

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    Princess Matching Game

    The princesses from Twelve Dancing Princesses are on glorious display in this fun memory game based on Brigette Barrager's beautiful new book. Learn More

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    Rainbow Pink Knit Pillow

    This playful pillow adds a bright spot to the bedrooms of fun-loving kids everywhere. Learn More

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    Apple Pink Pillow

    Snuggle up with this ultra sweet Apple Pillow Learn More

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  17. Quick View Wooly Sheep Doll

    Wooly The Sheep

    From: CA$70.00

    To: CA$90.00

    Wooly likes to sleep upside down with his feet on his pillow. He dreams in green and yellow. Learn More

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  19. Quick View Pepper the Cat

    Pepper The Cat

    From: CA$70.00

    To: CA$90.00

    Classic Kitties now with a secret pocket...perfect for the tooth fairy! Learn More

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