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    Felt Moon Decoration

    A cute hanging decoration in the style of a moon, crafted with felt and featuring gold stitching details. The decoration is embellished with a gold bell and neon green tassel. Learn More

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    Cloud Shaped Cotton Rug

    Create a cozy atmosphere for your little one with this Cloud Shaped Cotton Rug Learn More

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    White Bunny Jar

    Keep your little trinkets safe with this sweet White Bunny Jar Learn More

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    Ceramic Cloud Money Bank

    Save your money in style with this adorable little Ceramic Cloud Money Bank Learn More

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    Bunnykins Silver Money Box

    The money box is a standout item in the Bunnyskins collection. Telling the story of Harry, Mr. and Mrs. Bunnykins’ youngest son, and his wish to one day play in the Village brass band just like his father, the design brings humor as well as charm and is bound to encourage little ones to save their pocket money in style. Learn More

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    Vera Infinity Piggy Bank

    Welcome any child to the family with Vera Wang's chosen emblem of enduring love, the Infinity symbol. Teach baby the wisdom of saving for a rainy day with this beautiful silver plated Piggy Bank. Learn More

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    Moon & Northern Star Chimes

    Light the way for your loved ones with this beautiful Northern Star and Moon chime Learn More

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    Dream Catcher White

    Lovely decor to wish you or a loved one a "bonne nuit." Learn More

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    Swan Mobile

    Yourlittle one is sure to sleep safe and sound our with Swan Lake mobile hanging over their little heads Learn More

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    Mini Magical Forest Hamper

    Create an enchanting feel in your baby's nursery with this Mini Magical Forest Hamper Learn More

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