Astier De Villatte

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    Namche Bazar Incence Box

    Namche Bazar Incence Box Learn More

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  3. Quick View Aoyama Incence Box

    Aoyama Incence Box

    This Parisian-blended incense harnesses the smoky flavors of Vetiver, Gaiac and clove around a centerpiece of invigorating Patchouli and soft, fresh linen - a nostalgic scent inspired by the homey feel of Japanese wood houses in scenic Aoyama. Learn More

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  5. Quick View Yakushima Incence Box

    Yakushima Incence Box

    Subtly perfumed, Astier de Villatte's incense immediately bring our favourite places home, leaving long scented traces in their wake.Its within the island of Awaji, due to its favourable climate, where one finds the best incense on our whole planet Learn More

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    Villa Medicis Incence Box

    Villa Medicis Incence Box Learn More

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  9. Quick View Grand Chalet Incence Box

    Grand Chalet Incence Box

    Lost in Swiss Alpine pastures, at the heart of a small and peaceful village, stands the imposing and magnificent wooden structure of the Grand Chalet. It was here, in this unique landscape with its healing climate, that the painter Balthus made his home, enchanted by the fragrances of milk, honey and hints of citrus from the ancient lime trees that surrounded his studio. Today, like a wonderful memory, his favourite perfume fills this place once again. Learn More

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  11. Quick View Alger Candle

    Alger Candle

    This scented candle evocatively captures the aromas of Alger, a North African city with Parisian overtones. From trembling arcades rise delicious perfumes of white campion, privet flowers, wild jasmine, and bitter orange with its acidic notes spiced with a hint of chilli. Learn More

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  13. Quick View Honolulu Candle

    Honolulu Candle

    This scented candle evocatively captures the aromas of Honolulu. The opulent fragrance of white gardenia reveals its many facets through slightly acidic notes of Californian lemon and heady ylang-ylang essence. Vanilla adds to this voluptuous blend with a sweet touch of sunshine. Learn More

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  15. Quick View Opera Candle

    Opera Candle

    The Astier de Villatte Opéra candle is inspired by the splendour of the Palais Garnier. Ballet movements in the Great Hall: entrechats, pas de deux, ronds de jambes upon sumptuous parquet floors, polished with beeswax. Richly upholstered foyers reach to the very roof of the Opera, where thick streams of honey are collected from hives which spread the giddying notes of beeswax absolute, made sublime by minute additions of sandlewood and styrax resin. Learn More

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  17. Quick View Rue Saint Honore Candle

    Rue Saint Honore Candle

    Late afternoon. The boutique door opens on to the asphalt of Old Paris. An enticing scent immediately floods the premises. A powdery cloud, a few delicate green notes and a jasmine rose accord merge deliciously with the amber and leather atmosphere. Learn More

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