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    Diamond Wood Wall Shelf

    Add an element of design to your walls with this Diamond Wood Wall Shelf Learn More

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  3. Quick View Moon & Northern Star Chimes

    Moon & Northern Star Chimes

    Light the way for your loved ones with this beautiful Northern Star and Moon chime Learn More

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    Dream Catcher White

    Lovely decor to wish you or a loved one a "bonne nuit." Learn More

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  7. Quick View Zodiac Ribbons

    Zodiac Ribbons


    A prize ribbon for every sign!

    Know a Leo? Let them know what's great about them. Feel a certain way about your own sign? See if it lines up

    Learn More

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    Spirit Dream Catcher

    Add a touch of bohemian good vibes to your home with this beautiful Spirit Dream Catcher Learn More

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  11. View Details Cameroon Juju Hat

    Cameroon Juju Hat

    Starting at: CA$450.00
    The Juju Hat is a symbol of prosperity, believed to possess the positive qualities of birds and beauty. Traditionally worn by African royal dancers during important ceremonies, each feathered headdress is unique and handmade. This textured and organic art piece has become very popular over the years in the world of interior design. The Juju hat has evolved as a contemporary piece in wall decor for homes and other interior spaces. At The Cross Decor and Design, we consider this a classic decor piece that we proudly use in almost every one of our design projects. Learn More

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  13. Quick View Flower Wall Charm

    Flower Wall Charm

    Brighten up your space with these lovely floral Wall Charms Learn More

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  15. Quick View Mushroom Wall Charm

    Mushroom Wall Charm

    Create a special woodland scene in any room with these playful mushroom wall charms Learn More

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  17. Quick View Coral Wall Charm

    Coral Wall Charm

    Hang these Wall Charms to help you cultivate your own sea garden, as coral is said to be one of the oldest, mystical plants of the sea. Learn More

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    Me & My Arrow Wall Charm Neon Pink

    Point the way with this playful arrow wall charm Learn More

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