Side & Coffee Tables

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  1. Quick View Taj Marble Tables

    Taj Marble Tables

    From: CA$295.00

    To: CA$445.00

    Bring the beauty of art deco style to your home with these Taj Marble Tables Learn More

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  3. Quick View Hexagon Gold Table

    Hexagon Gold Table

    Inspired by the shapes found in nature-born tessellations, our Hexagon Table is a geometric goldmine! Learn More

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    Lucy Coffee Table

    Bold and beautiful, the Lucy Coffee Table is the perfect piece fo any modern home Learn More

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    Gueridon Side Table

    Sleek and classic, this Gueridon Side Table will add a perfect amount of elegance to any room Learn More

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    Gold Waves Martini Table

    Inspired by mid-century French designer Line Vautrin's work in plated metals, the Waves collection highlights hand-applied finishes over cast iron, bringing artwork to any space in your home Learn More

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    Quad Pod Gold Leaf Accent Table

    Form meets function with this handy glass-topped table. The handle makes toting this table from room to room, and from role to role, easy and convenient. One moment it's a side table perfect for cocktails and in a flash, it's a dramatic nightstand. Learn More

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    Delilah Side Table

    The truly teal Delilah Side Table is a bohemian inspiration bringing notice to any room. The Delilah is ideally sized to fit alongside seating or in the bedroom. Learn More

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    Bella Side Table

    The Bella Side Table delivers an ornate twist. The Angel Ivory finish pairs with stunning carved detail has qualities of a true heirloom. This is the perfect piece for a sitting room or bedroom. Learn More

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    Curvo Coffee Table

    Combine beauty with contemporary design ingenuity in any space with this stunning Curvo Coffee Table Learn More

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  19. Quick View Petite Oval Side Table

    Petite Oval Side Table

    Simple yet elegant, this Petite Oval Side Table will add quiet sophistication to any room Learn More

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