Bakeware & Cookware

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    Stoneware Kitchen Shaker

    Sprinkle some sugar, and make meal prep extra fun with this sweet Stoneware Ktichen Shaker. Learn More

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    Bottle Shaped Measuring Spoons

    Perfect for the holidays, these Bottle Shaped Measuring Spoons will make baking a ball! Learn More

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    Blue Glazed Butter Dish

    With it's soft blue hue and beautiful sheen, this butter dish will be an instant favourite in any kitchen Learn More

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    Decorative Bee Bread Pan

    Show off that freshly baked loaf with this stunning Decorative Bee Bread Pan Learn More

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    Stoneware Decorative Pie Dish

    A dish that would make your grandmother smile. Serve your guests in style with this beautiful Pie Dish Learn More

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    Whale Butter Dish Aqua

    Add a touch of nautical fun to your kitchen with this cute Whale Butter Dish Learn More

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    Belle de Sucre Petite Etoile Sugars

    Belle de Sucre's handcrafted sugars are a delicious treat with a charming French sense of design and humor. Their playful assortment of sugar shapes, sizes and colors are perfect for sweetening hot beverages, decorating basked goods and gifting. Learn More

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    Seafood Set

    This three-piece seafood set makes opening oysters and crustaceans effortless. Learn More

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    Peony Recipe Cards

    Keep your favourite recipes on hand at all times with these beautiful Peony Recipe Cards Learn More

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    Copper Measuring Cups

    Baking has never looked this good! These sleek copper measuring cups will add a touch of glamour to any kitchen Learn More

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