Tea Time

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    Provencal Garden Tea

    The tea garden of Provence is a mixture of non-smoked Chinese tea and Ceylon tea. It contains natural extracts of tangerine, orange, grapefruit, vanilla, and lavender. Learn More

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    Dark Chocolate Fondue with Fleur de Sel

    Enjoy this rich dark chocolate fondue with fleur de sel crystals. The fleur de sel crystals help to enhance the flavors of the fruits, breads, and marshmallows that you dunk into the chocolate. This fondue is perfect for salty-sweet treat lovers. The stoneware tumbler allows for easy and mess free heating of the fondue, and the chocolate fondue stays smooth and melted for at least 45 minutes. Learn More

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    Milk Chocolate Fondue

    Rich and smooth milk chocolate fondue is best consumed without moderation. You can dunk and dip pieces of baguette, galettes, or fruit into this delicious Aux Anysetiers du Roy Milk Chocolate Fondue. Learn More

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    Blackcurrant Tea

    This fruity tea contains non-smoked Chinese tea and Ceylon tea, naturally flavored with blackcurrant. Learn More

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  9. Quick View Patrizia Ceramic Mugs

    Patrizia Ceramic Mugs

    Brighten your morning coffee with these gorgeous and fun Patrizia Ceramic Mugs Learn More

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  11. Quick View Coffee & Tea Containers

    Coffee & Tea Containers

    Brighten your morning routine with these fun Coffee & Tea Containers Learn More

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  13. Quick View Isabella Mug

    Isabella Mug

    Brighten your morning coffee with these playful Isabella Mugs Learn More

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  15. Quick View Stoneware Painted & Gold Mugs

    Stoneware Painted & Gold Mugs


    Sip your morning coffee or tea in the most stylish way with these Stoneware, hand-painted mugs

    Learn More

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  17. Quick View Stoneware Cactus Mug

    Stoneware Cactus Mug


    Sip your morning coffee in style with these Stoneware Cactus Mugs

    Learn More

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    Ceramic Tea Strainer

    Make tea time as relaxing as possible with this sweet Ceramic Tea Strainer Learn More

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