Kitchen Accessories

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  1. Quick View Aragon Teak Knives

    Aragon Teak Knives

    From: CA$35.00

    To: CA$42.00

    Accent your cheese and meat boards and with these beautiful Aragon knives Learn More

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    Mango Tray with Copper Handles

    Whether you display your most beloved candle on it, or use it to serve your guests cocktails, this Mango Wood Tray will be your new favourite piece. Learn More

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    Blue Anchor Ceramic Pot

    Keep your utensils clean and tidy in this nautical Ceramic Pot Learn More

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    Ceramic Egg Carton

    Serve a few hard-boiled eggs in this fun Ceramic Egg Carton at breakfast and watch the family come alive Learn More

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    Decorative Tray with Copper Handles

    Display a beautiful vignette, or serve your guests in style with this Decorative Tray with Copper Handles Learn More

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    Marble Paper Towel Holder

    Keep your kitchen looking sleek and stylish with this Marble Paper Towel Holder Learn More

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    Ceramic Tea Strainer

    Make tea time as relaxing as possible with this sweet Ceramic Tea Strainer Learn More

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    Stoneware Kitchen Shaker

    Sprinkle some sugar, and make meal prep extra fun with this sweet Stoneware Ktichen Shaker. Learn More

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    Cuisine de Provence Salt Box

    This stunning salt box showcases the Classic Provencal design, with an olive branch on each peace. Learn More

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    Tradition Copper Sponge

    Thanks to the copper wire lacing, this sponge effectively cleans stainless steel, glass, ceramic and other delicate appliances and surfaces without scratching. Learn More

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