Kitchen Accessories

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  1. Quick View Quality Bail & Trigger Beverage Dispenser

    Quality Bail & Trigger Beverage Dispenser

    Serve tasty drinks in the most stylish way! This Quality Bail & Trigger Beverage Dispanser is the perfect companion to all hosting events. Learn More

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    Ceramic Rose Butter Dish

    Add a splash of colour to your kitchen with this sweet Ceramic Rose Butter Dish Learn More

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    Bread Bin Mint

    Keep your bread looking fresh and stylish with this retro Bread Bin in Mint Learn More

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    Kitchen Scale Cream

    Function and style come together to make this Kitchen Scale the perfect addition to your home Learn More

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    Gold Measuring Spoons

    Make baking an occiasion to remember with these Gold Measuring Spoons Learn More

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  11. Quick View Curio Copper Dipped Box

    Curio Copper Dipped Box

    From: CA$29.95

    To: CA$35.00

    Store your favourite keepsakes in this stylish Curio Copper Dipped Box Learn More

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  13. Quick View Stoneware Cream Colanders

    Stoneware Cream Colanders

    From: CA$29.95

    To: CA$35.00

    Strain in style with these sweet Stoneware Colanders

    Learn More

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    Stoneware Egg Carton Grey

    Keep your eggs safe and sound with this sweet Stoneware Egg Carton Learn More

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    Mango Tray with Copper Handles

    Whether you display your most beloved candle on it, or use it to serve your guests cocktails, this Mango Wood Tray will be your new favourite piece. Learn More

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    Blue Anchor Ceramic Pot

    Keep your utensils clean and tidy in this nautical Ceramic Pot Learn More

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