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  1. Quick View Herb Markers

    Herb Markers

    These three dimensional pieces embody the essence of live herbs and elevate the experience using brass material versus the typical plastic garden markers. Learn More

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  3. Quick View Lace Filigree Coasters

    Lace Filigree Coasters

    A true piece of art, this romantic lace coaster is the perfect piece to use for tabletop, or as decor Learn More

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  5. Quick View Floral Deco Cannisters

    Floral Deco Cannisters


    Add a touch of intrigue to your space.

    This art deco inspired cannister is perfect for storing either household accessories, or toiletries.

    Learn More

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  7. Quick View Trellis Filigree Coasters

    Trellis Filigree Coasters

    Inspired by antique architectural trellising, this stunning coaster functions either as a coaster, or decorative object. Learn More

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    Prosecco Cocktails

    A collection of 40 delicious cocktail recipes featuring the Italian sparkling wine that has taken social drinking by storm—Prosecco! Learn More

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    Multi-Tone Bone Brass Tray

    Create a beautiful coffee table vignette, or serve your loved one breakfast in bed with this versatile Bone Brass Tray Learn More

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  13. Quick View Stoneware Painted Gold Mugs

    Stoneware Painted Gold Mugs

    Sip your morning coffee or tea in the most stylish way with these Stoneware, hand-painted mugs Learn More

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    Whale Butter Dish Aqua

    Add a touch of nautical fun to your kitchen with this cute Whale Butter Dish Learn More

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    Belle de Sucre Petite Etoile Sugars

    Belle de Sucre's handcrafted sugars are a delicious treat with a charming French sense of design and humor. Their playful assortment of sugar shapes, sizes and colors are perfect for sweetening hot beverages, decorating basked goods and gifting. Learn More

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    Seagrass Pitcher

    Perfect for festive entertaining, this Seagrass Pitcher will soon become a classic favourite Learn More

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