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  1. Quick View Nova Leafed Cement Lamp

    Nova Leafed Cement Lamp


    With it's clean lines and graphic body, this Nova Leafed Cement Lamp is the perfect versatile piece for any home

    Learn More

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    Frankie Malibu Chandelier

    With it's beautiful blend of beachy vibes and glam accents, the Frankie Malibu Chandelier is the perfect addition to any home. Learn More

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    Orbit Chandelier

    Create a personal haven in your home with this Orbit Chandelier Learn More

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    Grand Lotus Chandelier

    Allow your creative side to shine with this Grand Lotus Chandelier. It will make a stunning addition to any home. Learn More

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    Crystal Point Light Box Square Small

    Catch the eyes of your guests with thisone-of-a-kind lgith box. This extraordinary little lamp has big presence with unique crystals that illuminat when the base is lit. Learn More

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  11. Quick View Orion Table Lamp Large Celadon

    Orion Table Lamp Large Celadon

    This lively table lamp is the perfect addition to modern bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices. Learn More

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  13. Quick View Laureate Wall Sconce

    Laureate Wall Sconce

    This Laureate Wall Sconce is perfectly suited to add poise and polish to any interior. Learn More

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  15. Quick View Pipa Table Lamp

    Pipa Table Lamp

    Let your unique style shine through with this handcrafted Pipa Table Lamp Learn More

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  17. Quick View Eirene Sconce

    Eirene Sconce

    A contemporary take on natural style, this Eirene Sconce lends a stunning accent to a living room, bedroom, or foyer. Learn More

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  19. Quick View Bronx Lamp

    Bronx Lamp


    Hand-carved to create a faceted shape, this solid marble accent lamp is highlighted with brass sheet, carefully cut and randomly adhered to the surface, creating a wonderful juxtaposition of materials. To increase the elegance factor it is topped with a tapered white microfiber shade lined in gold foil.

    Learn More

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