Avalon Abyss Towels | White

$28.00 - $250.00

Abyss Superpiletowels are the thickest, softest towels you will find. They are made in Potrugal from the finest Giza Egyptian Cotton and stand up to many washes.

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Avalon towels are made from 100% Giza 70 Egyptian cotton in all three weaving directions (warp, weft and pile). It is exceedingly rare for a towel to use pure Egyptian cotton, let alone in all facets of the towel. More weight is placed in the pile than in the towel base, allowing the towel to dry better than other towels of the same weight. As the base is also crafted from 100% Giza 70 Egyptian cotton, it is also very strong and durable. 

Made in Portugal by Habi Decor


Face Cloth 12 x 12"  

Fingertip Towel 12 x 20"

Hand Towel 16 x 30"  

Bath Towel 28 x 54"  

Bath Sheet 40 x 72"