Bamileke Feather Hat

$495.00 - $725.00

The beautiful and decorative Bamileke hat has evolved as a contemporary piece in wall decor for homes and other interior spaces. At The Cross Decor and Design, we consider this a timeless and iconic decor piece that we proudly use in almost every one of our design projects. 

The feather hat is a symbol of prosperity, believed to possess the positive qualities of birds and beauty. Traditionally worn by African royal dancers during important ceremonies, each feathered headdress is unique and handmade. This textured and organic art piece has become very popular over the years in the world of interior design.

Please note that these feather hats are made and distributed by the African people that use them for their ceremonies and are sold and distributed by them with the utmost thought and consideration by the artists, and the African and Canadian government.

As seen in Jillian Harris' home.

Please allow up to 6-8 weeks lead time

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  • Large: 30" diameter
  • Small: 19" diameter


Feathers that are coloured should not be placed in direct sunlight as the dye may fade over time. Initially pre-treated with moth repellant, we suggest treating your Juju Hats periodically (every 3 months) against moths or other bugs that may be naturally attracted. You can do this by placing the headdress in a plastic bag and putting it in a freezer overnight. Another way to treat it is placing a little bag of lavender or cedar wood on the back of the headdress, which naturally repel bugs. In some countries, anti-moth sprays can be found in hardware stores.

As the feathers come from natural sources, nature (such as moths) may be attracted to them. (See above for care). Feathers are natural materials that will constantly “change”. As a natural result, JuJu Hats may become slightly uneven and obtain minor cracks or unevenness, thus adding to its unique qualities. Juju hats are made in the traditional manner by talented craftsmen, often taking two to three days to make. As with any handcrafted piece made with unique materials, there can be slight differences in size, shape, colour, and texture. Furniture and decor pieces made from natural materials, such as feathers, are not recommended for outdoor use. Avoid contact with liquid and humidity.