Sway Pearl Earrings | 14K Gold



For centuries, pearls have symbolized wisdom acquired through experience. Pearls represent wisdom and pureness of heart, making these beauties an ideal gift for graduation or a milestone birthday. Wear these freshwater pearls to take your experiences with you.

Because pearls are so delicate and unique, take very special care of them. Think "last thing on, first thing off." Don't let your special pearl piece come in contact with any creams or aerosols, and store in an air tight space so they don't dry out.

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  • 14k recycled yellow gold
  • Freshwater pearls
  • Hoop is 10.59mm


Bluboho is a fine jewelry company that carries ethically sourced, raw and refined jewelry pieces. Bluboho creates jewelry and an experience worthy of the moments they mark. Each piece tells a story. Each experience is a memory in the making. Made in Toronto.