Incanto Pleated Vase

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Incanto Pleated Vase
Incanto Pleated Vase
Incanto Pleated Vase

Each Incanto design is inspired by the geography and architecture in the Veneto region of Italy. The Baroque style is inspired by the elaborate architectural curves of 17th century Europe, and the ruffle design mimics the soft waves of the nearby Adriatic Sea. The stripe is reminiscent of the stately columns of the grand Italian Palladian villas along the Veneto's Brenta river, and the lace was inspired by the famed lace of Venice's Burano Island.

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VIETRI uses natural earthenware clay that is indigenous to Italy. Terra marrone is a hard and dense clay used mainly in Italy for making sculptures. It is the most durable earthenware of the highest quality on the market today, using the best glazes and firing at the highest temperatures. 


8"D, 6.5"H


Hand wash recommended