Eclipse Necklace | 14K Gold

Leah Alexandra Fine Collection


A delicate, 14k update to our best-selling Eclipse Necklace. This pendant is inspired by a simple gold coin found in a cobblestone alley on the Croatian coast. The curved pave sliver evokes the motion of an eclipsing moon while the diamond-cut ball chain provides a delicate canvas for layering. 

This item is currently out of stock but we have more on the way! Please make your purchase below to secure your order and allow up to 8-10 weeks lead time ♡ 

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Material: Pendant is 14k gold with diamonds on 18', 14k gold ball chain. 7 diamonds totaling 0.06 ct

Details: Each piece of Leah Alexandra jewellery is handmade in her Vancouver beachside studio. Only the finest materials are used, including 14k gold, diamonds, and carefully selected stones and pearls.