Adira Zodiac Necklace | 14K Gold

Liven Co


What’s your sign? Are you a fiery Leo, or a calm Libra? Maybe you’re married to a practical Taurus, or the proud mom of a fun-loving Gemini. Whatever you’d like to celebrate, this zodiac necklace will feature something for you. Bold, handmade disc charms set with your chosen sign, scattered with eight lucky diamonds and hanging from the stunning Adira chain.  

Each piece is made to order and require up to 12 weeks.   

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14K Gold


  • Chain: 18"
  • Clip: 17mm


L I V E N is a contemporary fine jewellery line that is both fashionably fresh and classically timeless. Each piece is designed with the concept of refined wearability, making it the ultimate everyday luxury. Combining innovation with artistry, the collection ranges from delicate pieces that feature clean lines and fine feminine details to bold, stunning, one-of-a-kind beauties. Based in Los Angeles, L I V E N is coveted by celebrities and stylists alike for its dedication to quality and its signature style that fuses fashionably forward designs with a sophisticated edge.