Styling Services2


The Cross Décor & Design has been transforming residential spaces since it first opened in 2003. Our services were born out of our customers desire to create “The Cross look” in their home. Something that we are experts in!

Our Styling Services are spearheaded some of the most talented, innovative stylists in the city (if we do say so ourselves) and under the Creative Direction of our owner Stephanie Vogler.

Philosophy and Process

Designing a space can be daunting, no matter if you’re putting on the finishing touches in your bedroom, or facing a new, empty home. That’s where The Cross comes in. We can make your space even more beautiful – and the decorating project even more streamlined – than you had ever imagined.

What makes our process different? From consultation to concept to completion, our process starts and ends with our clients. It’s an organic collaboration that blends your needs and requirements with our intuitive design sense and expertise.

By working with our stylists, you’ll cut out the guesswork and avoid costly mistakes. And because we do all the legwork, you’ll save time too.

How We Work

1. We begin with an in-store consultation where we gather and share ideas, and discuss the budget for your project.

2 . We present our ideas to you, room by room, within a week of our initial meeting. Once you agree to the presentation, we get to work on creating your dream space.

3. We take you with us through the entire project, from sourcing to arranging deliveries. We think that creating your dream space should be fun and exciting! After all… we want you to Love Where You Live!

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation. 


Do I have to buy everything from The Cross?

Yes! To create the look you came to us for, all products will be purchased from The Cross. We source from a wide variety of in house vendors based on your budget and what is aesthetically fitting for the space.

When is the best time to work with a Stylist?

We advise that you meet with us before any preliminary plans are made. We can save you time and money by starting your furnishing plan in the earliest phase of your new build, renovation, or makeover. We can answer any questions and help you decide exactly when in the process you require our services.

How long does the process take?

The process begins with an in-store consultation, which takes approximately one hour. Timelines will vary based on the scope of the project.

Can I afford a Stylist? How much does it cost?

Our services are of no cost, meaning no hourly yes! We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to you and your needs.  We work within any budget, small or large. Because of our industry experience we save you precious time in the decision making process, and we save you money by avoiding costly mistakes. We believe it’s a great value – our purpose is to provide you with the feeling of home,   and we believe that our products & services can do just that!