What Dreams are Made of Silk Pillowcase | Queen


Make the most of your beauty sleep! With a unique blend of silk and cotton, this dreamy pillow case is both light in weight and buttery soft to the touch. The 55% silk content gives you youthful skin, silken hair, and a dreamy touch the 45% cotton adds stability, strength and
washability to the fabric.

*Sold individually, not in a set.

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55% silk and 45% cotton


If you prefer to wash your silk bed linens at home, they will lose some of their luster. Machine wash on a gentle cycle with warm temperatures and gentle cycles in a small load. Wash silk bed linens on their own, do not put them in the washer with any other articles. For best results, turn them inside out and launder them in a mesh bag. Do not use any type of bleach, fabric softener, or enzyme detergent. Machine dry on a delicate setting, using a cool temperature. Silk dries very quickly, be careful not to over dry. Keep your silk away from perfumes, hair spray, nail polish remover, and deodorant. Most of these are alcohol based which can dissolve silk.